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About Singapore Company Formation

Sandhurst Consultancy Pte Ltd is a fast growing consulting company specializing in company formation/setup, registration, financial accounting and business advisory.  We provide a comprehensive range of services to suite new start ups as well as small and medium enterprises.

“Basically, we incorporate companies, you deal with the experts directly, not the front line staff. Then we make sure the company comply with the law. If you need a pass to reside here and we will apply one for you. We then make sure that you write up the books in time. If you do not know how to do this, we can and will do it for you, for a fee of course. We then file your taxes.”

Our services also includes a detailed analysis of the requirements at no additional cost that needs to be considered before we embark on your company formation. This analysis usually proves valuable and saves considerable time and costs in the near future.

In plain English, there are many company secretarial firms that provide incorporation services, but they are not accountants. On the other hand, accountants can also incorporate a company, but they may not be experts in corporate secretarial work. You go to the first, you get a company incorporated but later realize you missed out on some tax benefit. You go to the second, you get a company incorporated but later realize you lack certain compliance.”

“We are both. Qualified Company Secretary as well as Qualified Accountants. Two for a price of one.”

Our Mission is to provide accurate and timely advice and/or work as well as to add value to our clients business at the most competitive rates.

“We essentially bend backwards to please our clients and we think we are doing a pretty good job going by the google reviews we receive from some of our clients.”

Sandhurst Consultancy Pte Ltd is managed by fully qualified accountants with 28 years of experience in the industry. We therefore not only provide services such as company formation, we also provide the necessary back up services such as tax advice, GST registration, business process outsourcing, payroll and accounting services.

Together with a dedicated team of experienced support staff we will strive to fulfill our Mission for all our valued clients.

“We do not have many people working for us. Those that are working for us can multitask well. We have not forgotten to put up pictures of ourselves like everyone else, we think the time is not just right, but we will eventually.”

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