Accounting, Taxation and GST Services

Accounting, Taxation and GST Services

The Accounting, Taxation and GST functions are all inter related. Accounting for GST accurately in the initial stages will ensure that your accounting records are correct which would in turn mean your company's computation for Taxation is accurately computed at the end of the year. It is indeed tempting to file your GST returns as and when required based on what you have computed in a spreadsheet leaving the actual book-keeping to be done at one go at the end of the year. By doing this you will save some money initially but you would probably end up paying more than you save.

Therefore, it is crucial for you to maintain accurate and timely accounting records through out the year. A good accounting system ensures that your GST returns are filed without error. This in return will ensure that your company Taxation is accurate. You need reliable and certified professionals to  ensure that your accounting records are properly constructed  and given careful attention.

Sandhurst Consultancy, one of the fastest growing accounting firms in Singapore, is here to assist you in all aspects of Accounting Taxation and GST.

Among the services we provide are:

  •     Preparation of a Director’s Report
  •     Annual Return Filing/ AGM
  •     Tax Services, such as:
    •         Computing your company’s Corporate Tax
    •         Tax Planning
  •     Personal Tax Computation and Submission
  •     GST Registration
  •     GST Monthly/Quarterly Preparation and Submission

Experience is the key to producing good and relevant financial reports in compliance with the relevant FRS. In Sandhurst Consultancy our key personnel are highly experienced in accounting matters accumulated from many different business environments.

  •     We are managed by a fully qualified accountant with 28 years of experience in the industry.
  •     All our accountants are highly qualified.
  •     Our staff is regularly updated with the latest developments in accounting standards.
  •     We comply with the International Accounting Standards.
  •     All our accounting records are maintained with up-to-date computerized accounting systems.

Furthermore, GST registration is required for companies  that have or are expecting to have an annual taxable turnover of more  than S$1 million.  If the business or company was transferred to you,  you need to register for GST if your transferor’s turnover for the past  three quarters and the business turnover for your current quarter is  more than $1 million.  To learn more, visit our GST Overview.

The requirements for GST registration and returns are no longer a simple process. With further refinements of the rules of registration and additional categories that include Reverse Charge and Overseas Vendors Registration and the impending increase in the rate of GST it is now imperative that the process is handled from the beginning by certified professionals.

We ease your burden by helping you in your GST registration  process, GST monthly/quarterly preparation and submission of your  returns with expert guidance from our staff who are Accredited Tax Advisors for GST

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