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Corporate Secretary Services

Corporate secretary services is a general term used to describe a means by which a corporate entity complies with its statutory requirements. A corporate secretary carries out the compliance work as and when required. As all local and foreign entities are governed by the Companies Act Cap 50, a corporate secretary must be well versed in the requirements of the Act so as to efficiently carry out the necessary tasks.

It is possible to avoid appointing a company secretary at the time of incorporation however this is not advisable as it is crucial that all documents and consents are prepared correctly, including the first board meeting.

The Companies Act Cap 50 dictates that every company is to appoint a qualified corporate secretary also known as a company secretary, within 6 months from the date of its incorporation. The company secretary must be a Singapore resident and also a natural person.

The Company Secretary plays a crucial role in the initial stage of a company’s incorporation. The corporate secretary will prepare all the necessary documents as required to comply with all statutory requirements. In line with the current changes to the Companies Act, the corporate secretary is required to perform a comprehensive customer due diligence and record the findings.

Sandhurst Consultancy will prepare a customized Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&AA). It is important that the various provisions in the M&AA are scrutinized and customized according to the needs of the company as this document will act as the guide as to what and how a company is governed and guide its proceedings in matters of meetings, directors appointments and the capital structure.

The Company Secretary also administers and checks the company’s compliance with the existing regulations, ensure that the registers are properly kept, organizes and takes down the minutes of meetings, sends out notices, takes care of the annual compliance as well as keep the company seal. In addition, the company secretary may also performs specialized tasks of registering charges, reduction of capital, registration of Trade Marks, due diligence review of statutory records and the application of strike off.

At any point of time, a single director in a company is not allowed act as a company secretary of the same company.

A company secretary typically assists the members and officers of the company with the following matters:
• Maintaining the statutory registers
• Assisting the company in its statutory compliance with Companies Act Cap 50
• Taking note of various statutory deadlines and taking responsibility when it comes to statutory compliance
• Ensuring that the company files statutory information accurately and promptly
• Preparing essential corporate resolutions

Sandhurst, as a professional service provider, will nominate a qualified person to act as your company secretary.
Our annual Corporate Secretarial retainer fee is for appointing us to act as the company secretary.

Other matters in the Corporate/Company secretarial services include the routine corporate secretarial services such as listed below are charged separately:

• Passing Directors' resolutions in writing pertaining to change of directors, registered address, bank account signatories, increase of issued share capital, transfer of shares, and lodgment of the changes of officers' particulars and so on.
• Assist in filing of statutory returns.
• Updating and maintaining statutory records.
• Advising and monitoring reminders for filing datelines of statutory returns with Accounting & Regulatory Authority (ACRA).
• Filing of the Annual General Meeting (AGM), Annual Return.
• Complimentary accounts related and company law consultation.
• FREE- Bank Account Opening.
• Preparation of AGM minutes for submission to ACRA

We also accept non-routine services, which are charged separately.


If you have already incorporated your company and have an existing company secretary and find that you need a change for the following reasons:

1. Not getting the right service standard which you have paid for and are entitled to
2. Not given a fast response to important queries that you would expect from a professional firm
3. Not being informed by e mail of important due dates
4. Find that your existing company secretary cannot handle a complicated query
5. Find that you are constantly speaking to front line staff who have little or no knowledge of corporate compliance
6. You realize that the initial low fees attraction is wearing off and your corporate compliance requirement now is more complicated.

Switch over to us by e mailing us at and we will take care of the rest. We will ensure a smooth transition and propose a package suitable to your requirements.

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