How to Deal with Google’s New Rules

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  • 15 October 2013
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or in a place entirely devoid of technology news, you’ll know that much has been happening in the Google headquarters of late. Back in early August, one of the changes had to do with links in news releases – specifically, that using links in news releases to increase search engine results violates its Webmaster Guidelines, and it will actively penalize those who continue practicing this. Ouch.

In addition, you’ll also know that, more recently, Google made a change aimed at encrypting all search activity. You heard that right – all.

In other words, in other to get your news releases and any other content you have found on the Google search engine, you’ll have to play by some new rules. Here’s how to deal with Google’s new rules: Create great content, it’s as simple as that. How to create great content? Here are some previously practiced tactics to avoid.

Keyword stuffing

This used to work certain publishers, such as content farms. For some reason, Google’s PageRank algorithm reward low quality articles that were jam-packed with SEO keywords, but made little sense to readers at all. Now, publishers cannot rely on this tactic anymore. To make things worse (or better, actually), news releases using this tactic will be penalized accordingly as well.

Including links

It’s common practice to have links in Web copy. Unfortunately, it is not the same for news releases. If you choose to publish a news release with a lot of links in it, you will find that Google will definitely penalize your site. How to overcome this problem? Ensure that your links are “nofollow”, to convince Google’s earch engine that you’re not trying to game the system.

Don’t be so worried

Instead, you should actively work to build up a credible reputation as a publisher of great content. Once you do this, social shares and natural links will come as people will feel more inclined to engage with and proliferate your content among their friends. Neil Patel puts it this way:

If you have an awesome service or product, you’re producing great content, and you’re building legitimate and relevant links, you should do fine. Plus, if you aren’t ranking for all of your keywords, it doesn’t mean that you won’t do well as a business… If you focus on creating an awesome product or service and do whatever it takes to help your customers, you should do well.

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