How to Register a Society

A society is nothing more than a group of people who share similar interests. These people often form clubs, organizations or partnerships in order to socialize, discuss and participate in activities. If you are interested in learning how to register a society, you might be surprised to learn that it is quite simple to do.

Registering the Society – Qualifications

Societies must register with the Ministry of Home Affairs under Registry of Society, or ROS, in order to show that there is no unlawful intent or activity that may disrupt the peace in the country of Singapore. There must be at least 10 persons in the society, and it may not be of any of the following entities which are classified under Singaporean law: learning associations, mutual benefit associations, trade unions, or a group of foreign insurers.

Foreign Members Allowed

As long as the majority of the members of the society are Singaporean or legal residents of Singapore, then members who are not residents of Singapore are allowed. This includes the president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer of the society. However, if the group is a religious society, one that consists of members of a single race, a society that shows primary interest in a single gender or sexual orientation, a group with a primary interest in civil or human rights, certain arts groups or those promoting the use of a single language, then all of the members must be Singaporean or legal residents of the country.

Required Information from the Society

In order to incorporate the society, the ROS will need to know the name of the society, two alternate names and the meanings behind those names. The society will also need to provide the reason behind its existence, contact information, a Constitution in a Word document format, Constitutions and Letters of Affiliation in English when applicable, and letters of approval or support from various government entities such as schools, personalities and other associations in English, when applicable.

Required Information from the Members

Society members will be required to provide their names, their proposed roles within the society; NRIC, FIN, or Passport numbers; dates of birth; residing addresses; nationality and Singaporean residence status; gender, religion, marital status and dialect group; contact information; educational qualifications and status of present employment; and their affiliation with or membership in any other society, if applicable. Every member of the society must present this information in order to register the society.

Completing the Process

After all of the information has been gathered, the society can be registered normally or automatically online. With an automatic registration, the society can commence activities and meetings immediately after making payment via iROSESeNETS. Normal registration can only commence after the intent to form the society has been announced in the Gazelle. There are penalties for commencing activities early, so societies will need to wait until their registration is complete.

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