Simple transition to doing business in Asia

Doing business in Asia can be confusing for corporations and people who’ve never tried to enter those markets.

“Singapore has always been seen as a gateway to doing business in Asia. The government has always been mindful of the needs of the business community and so provides a pro-business environment. Singapore has been described as ‘the best place for doing business.’ There are little to no hurdles for company registration and the superior infrastructure with laws to protect intellectual property, make the country a superior place to base a business,” said Sukhbir Singh, Director of Sandhurst Consultancy Pte Ltd.

Sandhurst has the expertise and the resources to guide any business through the proper channels to create a successful and profitable presence in Asia.

“We can help you navigate corporate registration and tax laws for Singapore, which is a gateway to other Asian countries where you’d like to do business,” he said. “Our professional staff is well-versed in what it takes to set up a company. We leave the operation of the company to you.”

The advantages of forming a Singapore corporation are numerous and include number of tax breaks, Mr. Singh said.

“While forming a corporation here is fairly simple, expert guidance will ensure the process takes place smoothly and flawlessly,” he said.

Part of Singapore’s business rules require a company secretary be appointed within six months of incorporation. The law also says this person must be a Singapore resident.

“We can supply this required position,” Mr. Singh said. “Our staff includes a number of people well-versed in the legal requirements for a company secretary. The secretary will make sure the corporation complies with the relevant laws and handle meeting minutes and necessary paperwork.”

Sandhurst can also supply accounting services ranging from personal taxes to the needs for the largest corporation. This is important because of the tax codes in Singapore which include a Goods and Services Tax (GST) is amounts to a Value Added Tax as found in other countries.

“We also provide professional audit services for companies based in Singapore,” Mr. Singh said. “We can keep and maintain your books and provide status reports as often as you require.”

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