Custom Nominee Director Services in Singapore

Keep your Singapore-based company legally compliant with trustworthy nominee director services from Sandhurst Consultancy PTE.

Enlist a Trustworthy Nominee Director in Singapore

Regulations in Singapore require that every company has an ACRA nominee director from the outset. This person must be a Singaporean and a permanent resident of the country. At Sandhurst, we provide trustworthy, fully compliant nominee shareholder services to ensure new companies in the region are fully compliant with the law.

We’re not just here to help your business comply with its legal obligations, however. Our Companies Act nominee directors have extensive knowledge and experience in corporate secretarial services. This means you’ll have expert advice at hand whenever you need it.

Get in touch today for an initial chat about your new business and your plans for the future. We’ll take care of everything, so you can press on with setting up your new company.

Why Your Business Might Require a Nominee Director Agreement

Are you a foreign national planning to start a new business in Singapore? If so, you’ll need to appoint a Singapore resident to your board in order to comply with the country’s regulations.

A nominee director is a necessity in company law. As long as you or any of your fellow directors aren’t Singapore residents, you’ll need to appoint a nominee director with the help of a specialist such as Sandhurst Consultancy.

Even if you’re applying for an employment pass with the Ministry of Manpower, there’s a three-to-six-month waiting period. We can provide you with a Companies Act nominee director until you or one of your colleagues is granted your pass. In the event that you’re not required to be a resident, we can offer services on an annual basis.

Trusted Nominee Shareholder Services from Sandhurst Consultancy

We are an experienced provider of nominee shareholder services in Singapore. When you choose us to keep your new business legally compliant, you can expect a range of professional services, including:

  • The expertise of a dedicated company director
  • The signing of official legal documents
  • The management of meeting minutes
  • Advisory services

When you appoint one of our nominee directors in Singapore, the process is simple and fully compliant.

  • Sign a legal agreement that outlines the services provided by Sandhurst
  • State whether or not the nominee director is involved in day-to-day services
  • Confirmation that the Sandhurst-appointed holds no operational or financial interests in the company
  • Payment of a refundable security deposit

If your Sandhurst-appointed nominee director is to be your company’s sole director or the setup requires a corporate shareholder, you will need to accept certain conditions and requirements before we’ll provide your nominee director.

  • The provision of company secretary services from Sandhurst
  • Use of our Registered Office Address
  • Accounting and bookkeeping services
  • GST filing services
  • Any other services deemed necessary by Sandhurst

In short, a nominee director is there solely to ensure your company complies with Singaporean company law. When you’re ready to terminate our nominee director, do so in writing – along with the name of their legally compliant replacement. We’ll process the change and refund your security deposit.

Appoint a Companies Act Nominee Director Today

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