When it comes to branding, there are some very important lessons that Singaporeans can learn from the Apple Corporation. Before the registration of a new business, potential business owners should take heed and make sure that their branding efforts will facilitate the business.

What Happened to Apple?

Before anyone chooses to register a business under a new brand, it is important to consider the current downfall of Apple. The company is most well-known for its iPhone devices, but the 5th generation iPhones were met with some disappointment, particularly after consumers noted the price. The iPhone 5 series wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be in the eyes of many, and this has led to the subsequent decline of the brand worldwide. Manufacturers are beginning to take note, and many offer very similar smartphones that are cheaper and just as technologically advanced as the iPhone. Again, none of this is working in the Apple brand’s favor.

Understanding Branding Fatigue

Branding fatigue happens in almost every company, regardless of its popularity or the quality of its products and services. Essentially, after registration, businesses may operate solidly for decades. However, if another business comes in and offers a cheaper, newer product right after they register, then the first brand may become obsolete if it does not change its marketing strategies and increase the innovation in its products and services. This is particularly true of Apple these days. The brand has failed to maintain enough innovation to stay relevant in today’s technological age and is thereby suffering.

Affiliates can Cause Trouble

Another thing that has led to the slow downfall of the Apple brand is the company’s inability to accurately address issues that occur in affiliate service centers. An affiliate is a location that chooses to sell or service Apple products, but one that the owner must register separately. The actions of these affiliate locations can cause trouble for the company overall since just a few bad ‘apples’ can cause problems for the entire brand. Local markets become frustrated with the service, make comments to friends and family via social media or word of mouth, and soon the entire brand becomes diluted and associated with poor service.

Business Registration and Branding

Before you choose to register your business, you should first consider your brand and what you can learn from Apple. You want to make sure that every product or service you offer works to improve your brand – not work against it. Apple chose to take its branding global and forgot about the local demographic, and this is where much of the trouble started. You, on the other hand, can focus on both local and global marketing. Essentially, you will need to take your products global but act locally in order to increase your overall brand standing after the registration of your business.

Before the registration of a new business, consider the recent actions of Apple – the company’s failure to meet expectations with products, high prices, and poor affiliate management. Then, before you register your business, make sure that you have a solid plan in place to strengthen your brand locally but offer products globally.

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