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  • Sam Antar was the co-founder of Crazy Eddie; an electronic goods retailer. Despite being a relative success, Eddie Antar (Sam’s cousin) engaged in commercial fraud nearly from the first day Crazy Eddies opened its doors. Systematically, Sam Antar engaged in phases of fraud that are more

  • Over the last few decades, accounting standards have become increasingly complex. In today’s global economy, new services and products are constantly emerging, and new financial instruments are growing in complexity. At the same time, financial statement users are demanding more data. In turn, standard setters more

  • As tax season approaches, it’s time to start looking at ways to lower your personal tax bill. Now is also a good time to learn more about recent tax changes, so you can start taking steps to lower next year’s tax bill. There are numerous more

  • Filing tax returns can be complicated and stressful. One wrong number can lead to future hassles. It’s not uncommon for errors to be made when filing income tax in Singapore, but avoiding these costly errors will save you a lot of time and money. The more

  • BEPS, Base Erosion and Profit Shifting, was developed with the intent of determining the negative effect national companies have on national tax bases when tax avoidance strategies are implemented. The OECD uses BEPS as a project in an attempt to change the way corporate taxation more

  • The manufacturing industry uses activity-based costing (ABC) as a tool for assigning costs to products. The ABC method has its place in the accounting world, but it’s a tool that is neglected because it is misunderstood. This is not to say that the ABC method more

  • Accountants trying to determining the optimal pricing model for their clients have a difficult time transitioning from one pricing model to a new model. One of the hot topics among accountants and many firms deals primarily with price sensitivity. What is the best option for more

  • Accountants rely on consistency at all times to remain diligent in their work. Consistency works well and ensures an accountant follows all of the best practices of control. But, what happens when ethics is a one-sided endeavor where a fraudster depends on you to overlook more

  • Auditors in Favor of Curbing Proposed Audit Report Changes The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, simply known as PCAOB, has recently come out with a proposal to implement some changes in the auditor’s report. This is the result of years of study and deliberation. The more

  • Financial Statement Audits Adversely Affected by Poor Internal Control Tests According to a new practice alert issued recently by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (often simply referred to as PCAOB), deficiencies in internal control audits may result to insufficient disclosures in the audit reports. more

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