Singapore Permanent Residence

Notably, Singapore Permanent Residents (PR) enjoy a  wide spectrum of perks. For one, they are provided with most of the  rights and duties of citizens such as government-sponsored  housing. But the biggest – and most appealing – benefit is having the  right to stay in Singapore without visa restrictions. With a PR status,  one has the right to live and leave anytime they want.

A PR’s spouse and unmarried children under 21 are also eligible to apply for permanent residence. A PR’s children are on the high-priority  list to enter public schools. It may also be important to  note that permanent residence allows you to switch jobs without the risks of reapplying for a new work visa.
Attractive enough?
Before you apply to become a Permanent Resident, allow us to give  you a brief overview of the schemes under which a Singapore permanent  residence can be granted. These are the main categories of the various  PR schemes devised by the government.
1. If you are an EP holder prior to your PR application…
Apply under the Professionals, Technical Personnel & Skilled Workers Scheme (PTS)

At the time of your PR application, you should hold a valid  Employment Pass – whether P or Q Pass. You will be assessed by a point  system which will take into account your basic monthly salary, length  of stay in Singapore, age and your academic and professional  qualification. Your spouse and unmarried children are also eligible to  apply for PR under this scheme.
2. If you are an artist with international standing in art, dance, music, theatre, photography and film…

Apply under the Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme

Initially, you should present you resume and documented proof of  your recognised art such as portfolios, press reviews, etc. to the  National Arts Council (NAC) for evaluation. Should the NAC find you eligible, they will send you a  Permanent Residence application form. You should immediately complete the application form and all its requirements. NAC will then  recommend your application to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA).

3. If you:

  •     have adequate professional or tertiary qualifications,
  •     are a working professional,
  •     are interested in relocating to Singapore, yet are not currently employed in here, or
  •     are an undergraduate or postgraduate student from a recognised foreign university…

Apply under the Landed Permanent Residence (Landed PR) Scheme

Eligible applicants are granted one (1) to two (2) years to seek  employment in Singapore. Your Permanent Residence status will be conferred once you secure a job.
4. If you are a resident of Hong Kong…
Apply under the Approved-in-Principle (AIP) PR Scheme

The AIP scheme offers a 5-year in-principle PR approval to eligible  applicants from Hong Kong. These AIP holders may be conferred Permanent  Residence if they can secure an employment or migrate their families to  Singapore within the 5-year period.

We are professionals dedicated to helping you process your Permanent Residence application. Should you wish to seek our assistance  in this matter, kindly contact us and we would gladly assist you.

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