Registered Office R.O. Service

It is a must for Singapore-incorporated  companies to have a Registered Office address. This address is used to receive all official notifications from the government bodies. The registered office address is usually the address of the corporate service provider. There is no physical space as such. The registered office address of a company can be different from the operating address.

Many companies incorporated by us are advised to keep their operating address and Registered Office  address separate. In may cases newly incorporated companies will be leasing our their operational address or working from home. As such these addresses tend to change from time to time. If there is no one permanent Registered Office address as such and the operational address is used for this purposes, in the years to follow some companies will be in a situation where they miss out on important filing datelines such as the ECI or the Form C. Hefty fines will then follow.

For simpler, non-complex tasks whose nature of work is home-based,  the government has plotted out another option for you – you may use  your residential address as your Registered Office. However, you must  first seek approval from the Housing & Development Board (HDB), if you are residing in HDB apartment. HDB apartments are the equivalent to our public housing. Only certain types of activities are permitted to use the HDB as the registered office address. All Registered Office addresses that are in private properties do not need approval from the authorities except from the landlord in question.

If you prefer not to use your residential address, for credibility  purposes, then Sandhurst offers a cost-effective solution for you. We  offer a Registered Office address which includes:

  •     Prestigious CBD Registered Office Address
  •     Self-Collection of Mails, Documents & Parcels
  •     Professional Mail Handling

Rest assured, your mails and documents will be handled with care and confidentiality strictly maintained.

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